Each and every moment of our lives is unique, and allows us to express our individuality. Every day we grow and change a little bit, and our style, appearance and expressions change. A photo portrait is able to capture this beauty in its smallest detail and turn it into a memory that speaks about us, our story and feelings. As a photographer, I like to think that each portrait conveys a really personal emotion: this is why I strive to represent the true personality of my subjects.
Choose whether you want to look elegant or sensual, to be alone or to bring someone special. Whatever your preferences, I will create a photo shoot that tells your story in the most original and unforgettable way.



Give yourself the gift of some ‘me time’ or create a surprise  gift for somebody special. A professional individual portrait can reveal your beauty and turn it into stunning photographs for you to admire, cherish and show off. Choose a  location that is meaningful to you,  and  wear your favourite clothes: my portraits allow you to express your personality in all its facets.

Sometimes it seems our children just can’t wait to grow up. And it’s true- all of a sudden, they’ve become adults, although it seems that not long ago at all they were crawling around the house babbling away to us. And then, all that remains of that tender age are pictures. Many of my most cherished childhood memories are of days we spent all together: parents, grand-parents and grand-children united by a deep connection and by the sharing of important moments.



Whether it’s a concert, a ballet or a theatre piece, a live show is a kind of magic in which art meets the emotions that the audience expresses and feels. Turning these events into images can be a very demanding task, but it’s one of the challenges I cherish the most and in which I have the most experience as a professional. One of my great passions, besides documenting the events themselves, is taking pictures backstage. With a silent but attentive eye, I become a privileged spectator who’s allowed to take part in every step of a performance and share in the efforts of dancers and actors. My method, both in rehearsal and during the show, is to make my presence as unobtrusive as possible, without using the flash, while taking action shots of the highest quality. I guarantee that the resolution of the images is sufficient to produce very large prints.

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful and meaningful moments in a woman’s life. During those nine months, the feeling of a new life starting from within is so special that makes you think of how wonderful nature is, and you know you are part of it.A photoshoot lets you keep some memories of those moments. Pregnancy only happens a few times, and you will not have another chance to take a photo. I am a mother myself, so I know the emotions that run through a mother’s mind, and I love to capture them together with her wonderful body and personality.

New Born

The sweetness of newborn babies is something to be savoured each and everyday, and to be captured in every one of its facets. Baby grows quickly and this journey deserves to be remembered in every detail. When it comes to baby shoots, I strive to fix in time every instant of the lives of these young models: their tiny fingers, soft hair, the sparkle in their eyes, their delicate skin and the air of discovery in each new facial expression. Taking pictures of a life just born is a wonderful experience for me, too. With my professional eye and a mother’s sensibility, I create unique portraits that leave an unforgettable mark on the hearts of parents, and can be cherished for a lifetime.

Your photo shoot - be it for personal, pregnancy or family portraits - should be a pleasant and relaxing time. I will make you feel comfortable, without asking you to pose for too long in a difficult position, or wear clothes that don’t reflect your personality.
My goal is to meet your expectations and to create the photographs you’ve been dreaming of, to display at home and show your family and friends.

PvN creations is a freelance photography around London and its outskirts. For any enquiry feel free to contact on pavin@pvncreations.co.uk